Now you can purchase the ULTIMATE Aluminum Alloy Wheels for your Honda or Acura vehicle ONLINE quickly and easily.  Get ready to completely TRANSFORM your Honda or Acura with a single bolt on product.

The Ultimate HONDA & ACURA exclusive Wheel Upgrade.

RonJon Wheels are sure to bring your Honda or Acura vehicle to the next level of style and performance. Finally, your car can perform as well as it looks without any compromise.

We pride ourselves in our Aluminum Alloy Wheels. Each design is 100% original from our in-house design studio and our products are engineered to the highest standards in order to meet the most demanding enthusiasts' needs. Our wheels are hub-centric to provide a vibration free ride, they are also properly offset to avoid any fender interference on stock ride height or lowered vehicles, and they are properly engineered to make sure they improve the original vehicle's driving dynamics without compromise. Our wheels are finished in exotic and durable powder coat surfaces and are guaranteed with defect free craftsmanship.  You can count on our wheels to last long and withstand the rigors of the roads in your city.

In the Beginning...

Rondy Marji

Company Founder, CEO

Founded in 2004, RonJon Wheels is the brainchild of an avid Acura enthusiast who just wanted to have a set of perfect fitting wheels for his Acura CL type S.  Being a wheel designer for many popular brands, Rondy decided to take his best designs and have them built with the same factories he worked hand in hand with to build wheels for his clients.  Now 14 years later, the company has reached a peak level of quality, service and experience.  Your not just dealing with a business, but you are working with enthusiasts who love the Honda and Acura vehicles just as much as you.